To remain competitive in today’s marketplace, companies must conduct e-Business in "real-time" by communicating instantly with customers and partners over the Internet.

Clearly a defined set of business processes that can be continuously analyzed and rapidly changed is necessary… and you need a solution that allows you to improve end-to-end business process deployment and management. The only way for you to differentiate you from your competitors is to improve the quality of the relationships between your organization and your customers. This is what IntelliFlow was created to accomplish!

IntelliFlow delivers an integrated value chain for your customers, suppliers and partners.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

IntelliFlow can be used to build a solution to integrate and manage multiple delivery channels for customer access. Design a business process workflow that will allow you to improve the way you interact with your customers. Create specific forms which speed the process of CRM; electronically sign, route and file any electronic document, anytime, anywhere; access a database that contains customer information to update and add information; and never let a customer fall between the cracks by allowing you to monitor every customer interaction with audit trails.


IntelliFlow helps you define the business rules to your E-Commerce system and becomes an intelligent messaging agent. IntelliFlow is a tool that allows you to integrate multiple applications graphically, and to view the flow of information between these applications in real time! In an end-to-end order fulfillment automation process, a customer would fill out an e-form order on-line. Once submitted, IntelliFlow would deliver the e-form to the proper division of the company dependent on the business rules provided in the workflow. The e-form can then be routed to an ERP system, order processing application or to a customer service representative. Once the order process is complete, all the information regarding that order can be archived in the IntelliFlow Document Management System and the IntelliFlow e-form can be used to route the customer information to the shipping department for delivery.

General Business

Mission critical business processes, such as order fulfillment and financial data collection, must be efficient, consistent and able to change rapidly. IntelliFlow delivers an integrated solution across a company network or the Internet. Complete control of your business operations with IntelliFlow allows you to focus on your core competencies and continuously improve upon them. Using a combination of workflow and document management, digital signatures and encryption, and e-forms with audit trails, IntelliFlow allows you to quickly establish sophisticated and highly automated business procedures that operate electronically. Expense report distribution, purchase order automation, material requisition automation and project management distribution are just a few of the examples IntelliFlow is for in custom tailoring e-business needs.