Synapsis provides the documentation for IntelliFlow in PDF format as well as a client component for download to 'test drive' IntelliFlow. Experience has proven that unless IntelliFlow is properly installed at a customer’s site, an in-depth evaluation of IntelliFlow cannot proceed.

As such, the client download will allow a user to run all the integrated features including workflow and document management, digital signatures and encryption, as well as security access control and threaded discussions.

An email will be sent to you with instructions and passwords on how to establish the test drive connection from your newly installed IntelliFlow client and an Application Server where IntelliFlow Document Management System, Mail Transport and Server components are already installed and configured for test use.

If you would like receive a FREE CD of IntelliFlow which includes the complete IntelliFlow system on a trial basis along with the PDF documentation, please fill out the form below and one will be sent to you via USPS.

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