IntelliFlow is a very feature rich software solution which is simple to use, easy to deploy and competitively priced. Below are just a few of the main features of IntelliFlow.

e-Business  Process Workflow

A comfortable and familiar MS-Windows based GUI defines the workflow (i.e., business process) diagrams. Tasks are defined from a selection of icons on a palette. Manual procedures are replaced with a business wide e-mail centric system that defines and monitors all processes. Everyone can now follow the correct procedures when performing part or all of a given task (action item). Completion of action item tasks and progress measurement is ensured with a folder based delivery system…automatically and correctly to each person involved.

Integration of information with all third-party applications necessary to perform the tasks is automatic -- opening what you need.


IntelliFlow forms technology allows you to create intelligent e-Forms that can be routed, encrypted, digitally signed and stored in your database or the IntelliFlow Document Management System. Users are not locked into any proprietary forms design format as IntelliFlow utilizes HTML.

Database Access

IntelliFlow e-Forms can access your database and data can be inserted, retrieved and updated as well as new records created directly. Routing user data during a workflow process is accomplished by attaching the e-Form to a work folder.

Security Access Control

All IntelliFlow users are assigned a security-access level when the user account is created. Security access is entirely based on the requirements for secure documents and users may view or work on an object only if their security access level is higher than or equal to the level assigned to the object.

Document Management

A document in the IntelliFlow system is stored as a field in a record…so the field can be text, binary, image, voice or any IntelliFlow message type such as e-mail, e-Form, work folder object, etc. Users have the ability to archive, query, retrieve, check in / check out, delete and undo as well as perform version control of all documents depending upon assigned rights.

Digital Signatures

Authenticating the signer of a document is associated with e-mail, e-Forms, work folder attachments and more in the workflow process.

Data Encryption

Data encryption consists of public and private key encryption technology for the securest data environment possible. E-mail, e-Forms, work folder attachments can all be encrypted in the IntelliFlow system and user’s are no longer required to work from the same CryptoAPI compliant PC in order to perform their data encryption operations.

Mobile Operation

Users may log into the IntelliFlow system without connecting to the IntelliFlow server. In this mode of operation, users may review, compose and save messages in the local PC folder while disconnected from the server. Later, users may log into the IntelliFlow server to send messages or route work folders from the local PC folder to varying destinations.